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2018 – 2019 Programs Overview

The Whistler Mountain Ski Club offers the following alpine ski racing programs:

Specific program details can be found under the ‘PROGRAMS’ link in the Website navigation bar.


Welcome to the Whistler Mountain Ski Club, and for returning members welcome back!

Since the club’s inception in 1968, we have been commited to the development and delivery of exceptional ski racing programs that have supported thousands of aspiring ski racers in their pursuit of athletic excellence. Our mission statement is “developing champions in life and sport” and we never forget the importance of each individual’s personal experience with our club and the sport of alpine ski racing. To that end there are some significant aspects of this season’s program that new and returning members should be aware of. Complete program details can be found on our website.

Currently, the Whistler Mountain Ski Club offers programs for U12 (10-11 year olds), U14 (12-13 year olds), U16 (14-15 year olds), FIS (16+ year olds).  For each category, there are various program options. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office or our head coaches directly with any questions you might have.

The 2018-2019 Program

Member athletes of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club enjoy year round benefits including fitness programs and assessments, tuning room, educational clinics and workshops, access to our  fitness facility and exposure to national and internationally successful athletes, many of whom started their career with our club. Training occurs almost every weekend throughout the season at Whistler Blackcomb when the team is not otherwise scheduled away. In addition, regular training is available (and included in all options) during the Christmas break. Mid week training on Thursday and Fridays (others as scheduled) is also available.

WMSC LTAD Program Structure

So how do I join WMSC & What does it cost?


    • Go to www.wmsc.info
    • In the navigation bar, click on REGISTER www.wmsc.info/register/ . Through this Registration Page, you can either log into your existing account, or start a new registration.
  1. If you have not created an account yet, click on the START MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION button. This will take you through a 4 step process to register yourself and/or your family.
  2. Please be ready with your credit card, as payment will be required at the end of the registration, in order to pay for your membership fee.
  3. All fields with an [*] are required fields to move forward in the process.
  4. Once you begin the Membership Regisration, any information you enter will not be saved into the system until you have made a payment.


  • The Family Information is the information that will create your family account with the club. This information will be for the adult or parent making payments to the club (this cannot be the child’s information). All contact information should be for the main point of contact for the family. PLEASE USE THE ATHLETES LAST NAME AS THE USER NAME WHEN CREATING ACCOUNT and note this will be the main account holder login, and the only user that can access all other family members.
  • Please keep a note of the User Name and Password that you choose for your account. If you lose this information, you can reset your password through the login page www.wmsc.info/login/.
  • In order to proceed, you must confirm that you are at least 19 years of age and agree to the Club Member Agreement. Click on Next: Select Membership Type to move to the next step.
Club Member Agreement

You must be at least 19 years of age and agree to the Club Member Agreement in order to move on.

  1. Later, once you have created your memberships, and you need to change contact information in the future, go to My Account and manage your profile through the Account Management module.


On the Membership Management page, choose which Membership type you want to register for.

    • There will be 4 choices:
    • Staff and Coaches
    • Family Membership – For all U12 – FIS families Cost $200
    • Alumni or Associate
    • Masters Membership
  1. If you are not sure which Membership you should get, please contact the WMSC office at 604-932-4644.
  2. Click Add to Cart for the membership that is right for your family. Only one membership type can be selected. The Membership fee will be added to your shopping cart.
  3. If you have additional family members to add, click on Next: Add Family Members. If you are registering only one individual adult, click the Select Program option to skip adding family members.
  4. Additional family members can be added or removed at a later time through the Account Management module. If you already have a Family Account and need to renew your Membership, you can do so with the same setup here under Membership Management.


    1. Enter additional family member information here for both parents and each athlete in the family. Click on Add another family member in order to add more.
Add Additional Family Members

If you need to add more than one family member, click here.

  1. If you need to go back a step, please use the Back button provided, but note that all information on the Add Family Member page will be lost.
  2. If you do not need to add any family members, skip to Select Program.
  3. A separate login account will be created for individual family members, so that they can view Members Only pages. The email address and username for each family member must be unique. If you have a child without an email address, enter an alternate parent email address here. Please take note of the username and password.
  4. Once all family members are added, click to Next: Select Program and proceed forward.
  5. In the future, you can add, delete or change information for individual family members through the Account Management module.


Program fee deposit of $500 due before any ON SNOW Camps or August 31st.

Late registration fee of $125 applicable after August 31st. 

Program fees MUST be paid in full by October 31st.

Refund Policy: The $500 program deposit is 100% refundable prior to first on-snow day.  After the 1st on-snow day the program fee including deposit (paid to WMSC) is refundable on a prorate basis from the date of injury or withdrawal from the program.  Days missed prior to this date for other reasons are non-refundable.

Each family member entered so far will be listed here. For any athletes participating in a WMSC program, click on Select Program to toggle a list of programs that the individual qualifies for. The qualifying programs are listed based on your date of birth.

    1. Click on Add to Cart for the appropriate program for each of your family members. Your Club Membership Fees Breakdown will be updated as you select different programs.
    2. Program fees are due before any ON SNOW programs – for everyone attending summer camps payment is required. If you are not attending summer camps, payment is due by August 31st.
    3. Remainder of program fees are payable October 31. Please see pricing and information on Program Fees under your program listed on the website
    4. Once you have added all programs to your cart, click on Next: Checkout to complete the registration and make payment.


There are 2 options for payment. Pay by credit card, or pay by cheque, debit or credit card at the club office. One of these options must be selected and processed in order for your entire registration to be accepted into our system. If you abort the process at this point, you will lose all registration information that has been inputted.

    • Your contact information will be pre-populated for the credit card billing information. Please double check all fields to ensure that your credit card is properly processed
    • Your Fees Breakdown will be listed. Please ensure that all appropriate fees are included in the summary.
  1. Click on Checkout and complete your payment details, then select pay pay online or at office.
  2. You should receive an email confirmation with your payment details.