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Schedules & Locations

WMSC Fitness 

The philosophy of our training is based on the Canadian Sport for Life, Alpine Canada and BC Alpine Long Term Athlete Development models and will ensure that we work within the guidelines to deliver programs aimed at the appropriate stage of development for each athlete such that they can move optimally through the progression from learning to train, to training to train and then to train to compete and our ultimate aim is to best prepare athletes to progress to the train to win stage or to have the foundation to be fit for life to ensure lifelong enjoyment and participation in sport.

The sessions will aim to ensure that there is the appropriate balance of fun and games with the variety and level of stimulus of training depending on the stage of the various groups of athletes.

Throughout the Fall Fitness Program we will introduce training techniques and exercises that fall into the 3 categories of performance movement, the metabolic system and the muscular system and the objectives of each progression throughout this block are as follows (with emphasis for each athlete adapted depending on their the starting point):

  •  To learn effective warm up and cool down routines.
  • To learn safe flexibility routines with the knowledge of how and when to stretch.
  • To develop agility and co-ordination.
  • To continue to build each individuals’ aerobic base and anaerobic capacity.
  • To learn strength training techniques and build strength.

From the supervised sessions and once each athlete has learnt the techniques, and specifically the safety elements of each mode of training and exercise technique, the athletes will be given a fitness program to work on in between sessions.

Building on our philosophy of encouraging the participation of other sports it is essential that you communicate with us on when the conflicts arise, and also where there is duplication so that we can attempt to maximise each athlete’s program in order for them to maximise their development for all of their sports and not just skiing.

It is also important for us to be able to build physical preparation into each athletes sports schedules so that we can ensure well developed athletes, not only to improve performance, but also to limit the risk of imbalances and injuries developing. Therefore we do stress that regardless of how many sports you participate in, physical literacy can be greatly enhanced through training to ensure lifelong enjoyment and participation in sport.

We do understand the time constraints of balancing academics, life and sport, therefore if you are not able to fit to all or some of the schedule in but would like to take part, please contact us in order that we can try to find a solution.

Mark Tilston

WMSC Executive Director

Whistler Mountain Ski Club Fitness Schedule

Tuesday 4-5:30 @ WMSC gym – After school T2T and L2T strength session

Thursday 3:30-5:00 @ WMSC Gym – After school/after skiing L2T/ T2T Agility/balance/core/flexibility

Friday 3:30-5:00 @ WMSC Gym TAG bikes – After school/after skiing T2C/T2T TAG session + Flexibility (priority goes to T2C athletes) Athletes must email me to register.

Friday 3:30-5:00 @ WMSC Gym – T2T/L2T Aerobic session + game + flexibility

Saturday 3:30-4:30 @ WMSC – L2T/T2T/T2C Recovery/Video/Tuning clinic (activities vary depending on the group)

Any further questions please contact Shannon 


Joining a gym with instructors to keep an eye on your technique is also highly recommended.

Some recommendations for good gyms where some other club members workout are as follows. If you have any suggestions or further recommendations please send them to info@wmsc.info  and we will post them as well.

Level 10 Fitness - (604) 985-8910 110-890 Harbourside Dr · North Vancouver info@level10fitness.com

Level 10 Fitness - YALETOWN 1022 Seymour St, Vancouver, 604-985-8910

Prime Fitness - 604 – 880 -7663 Unit 2129 11871 Horseshoe Way Richmond, BC. V7A 5H5 info@primefitness.ca