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Officials Courses

To find out more, or to register for any of the courses below, contact the Whistler Mountain Ski Club – by email or call 604-932-4644

If you were on the hill you know that many parents are required to run a race, and you know how satisfying it really is to be involved in these events with the racers and the teams of other parents who are running the races. Some of us also recognize we don’t know as much as we would like to know about how races happen, or don’t have enough understanding or experience to get beyond slipping the course or tending a gate.

Level 1 Introductory Information

This introductory session outlines the sport of alpine ski racing and is the place to begin. Whether you are a parent of a racer or a volunteer looking to build experience you will find this enjoyable and informative.

The course includes presentations, hands-on experiences, ample time for questions and discussions, and practice during a mock race (indoors). More in-depth information covers specifics that will prepare you to take the role of Gate Judge, Manual Timer, Starter, Race Office Assistant or Course Crew during races.

All parents of ski racers are encouraged to attend a Level One course early in the season in order to better understand their young racer’s program, and to prepare themselves for being involved during races.

Course fee is $15 and includes a manual.

Level One courses generally take place in the WMSC lounge, noon to 3pm.

Level 2 Fundamentals

This course provides greater depth of knowledge and understanding for Officials who have already completed the Level One course and at least 8 days of experience in at least three different roles during ski races at any level.

This course covers all aspects of alpine ski racing in greater detail and prepares Race Officials for leadership roles and Jury positions. A number of qualified instructors will likely lead specific discussions on topics including Race Administration, Timing, how to be a Chief of Gates, Chief of Course, Chief of Race and member of the Race Jury.

The course generally takes place during six – eight hours (one evening plus one afternoon or over two week-ends) and is followed by a one-hour exam, completed in pairs or small groups. The exam may be reviewed at end of the course, or submitted one week after the course is complete.
Fee is $35 and includes a manual, ICR & pin.

Level 3 Officials Course

This course is an interactive one with an emphasis on discussion and exchange of ideas, opinions, and experiences between participants and instructors. Only officials with considerable experience are encouraged to join this course. Pre-requisites and course outline available on the Officials page at BC Alpine

Also check http://www.bcalpine.com/content/Officials/Officials.asp