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Spring, Summer & Fall Race Camps

WMSC Ski Race Camps 2018

The WMSC will again be hosting a number of ski camps this spring, summer and fall of 2018. They are geared towards our clubs needs, however we welcome guest racers and visiting clubs to participate when space is available.

The Aim2Win document recommends the following on-snow training days during the off season:

  • U12 – 10 to 20 days
  • U14 – 15 to 30 days
  • U16 – 30 to 40 days
  • U18 – 40 to 50 days

Camps should be attended in their entirety. Skill acquisition and retention will be greater with the consistent progression planned for each camp.

Spring and Summer Camp Packages

Summer Camp packages have been created for WMSC members looking to progress through the Long Term Athlete Development as outlined in the Aim to Win document.  Programs are designed for each of the age categories from U14 to FIS level and include ski camps only or ski and fitness camps.  Package pricing available at this link.

Registration for MAY Camps open now. 

May Camps

Technical Training Camps on Gandy Dancer and/or Upper Cruiser.

Included in May camps – training, video, coaching, dryland activities. NOT included: lifts, meals, transportation., accommodations. ALL GUEST RACERS AND CanWest PASS HOLDERS CAN PURCHASE A DISCOUNTED SPRING PASS – Email WMSC with your name and birthdate 2 weeks prior to camp to receive a code to purchase from WB.


  • WMSC Members $80/day or $300 for 4 day camp.
  • Guest Racers $100/day or $380 for 4 day camp.

Members Click here for Sportlyzer Registration

Daily Proposed Schedule (TBC):

  • 9:00am meet at lift (Excalibur Gondola – Village load) in dryland gear for morning warmup/activation.
  • 9:45 upload lifts (Gondola, Accelerator Chair, Jersey Cream Chair – Solar and Wizard closed!)
  • 10:15 – 1:30 Training on Gandy Dancer or Upper Cruiser, video sessions on-hill
  • Ski/download, back to valley for pick up by about 2:00pm
  • Dryland Activities TBD and announced

Any questions or requests please contact Henry Yeigh

* All participants must renew their family membership and register in a program & pay the program deposit of $500 prior to signing up for any summer camps and have racer accounts paid in full*

*Registration for the 2018/19 season opens MAY 1*

Registration for Summer Camps will open May 1. 

Whistler Tbar Camps:

Using the Whistler Tbar, we will take advantage of a good winter snow pack, ideal terrain for technical training and some speed work. Limited athlete numbers allows for quick turn around and high volume! Contact Henry Yeigh for information and requests.

Eligible Athletes: FIS to U10

  • Camp 1 – May 31 – June 3 GS – Members $750/Guests $910 (Daily cost $205/day
  • Camp 2 – June 7 – 10 GS/SG/Terrain features – Members $805/Guests $980
  • Camp 3 – June 14 – 17 SL – Members $750/Guests $910
  • Camp 4 – June 21 – 24 GS - Members $750/Guests $910
  • Camp 5 – June 26 – 30 SL/GS – Members $805/Guests $980
  • Camp 6 – July 2 – 6 – GS/SL – Members $805/Guests $980
  • Camp 7 – July 8 – 12 – SL/GS – Members $805/Guests $980

For WMSC members that can only attend weekends, daily costs for camps 1, 3, 4 are $205/day. For Camps 2, 5, 6, 7 daily costs are $175/day.

Includes: Lifts, lane grooming/terrain builds, salt, courses/gates, coaching, video and review, dryland, BBQ at WMSC.

Not Included: Transportation, accommodations, meals

Visiting Clubs: Out of town clubs are welcome to attend and work in/collaborate with WMSC programs/courses. No separate lane bookings allowed unless space permits and arrangements made.

  • BC FIS athletes $95/day,
  • All other athletes $115/day
  • Coaches $75/day

Above prices include lifts, lane, courses, salt. NOT included – coaching, video, dryland, BBQ,

Summer Tbar Camps info pack 2018

Chile Camp 2018 – El Colorado/La Parva

Dates: Depart Aug 12 YVR – SCL.  Return SCL Aug 31, Arrive Sept 1 YVR

Eligible athletes: WMSC FIS and high performing 2nd year U16. Guests of similar description are also welcome to apply.  Please send requests to Conrad Pridy 

Proposed Camp Outline:

  • Aug 14 – 22 El Colorado – TFS/SL/GS 8 days (plus a rest day)
  • Aug 22 – 24 Renaca – Coastal recovery break
  • Aug 24 – 31 La Parva – SL/GS/SG
  • Races during camp – TBD

Costs: Deposit due by July 1: $1500 (After July 1 a $200 additional late fee will be due upon commitment) Second deposit due prior to travel (Aug 10): $3000. The balance of camp costs will be due upon completion and reconciling of camp. Guests will have 10% surcharge on camp cost.

Included in Camp:

  • Ground Transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Lifts, lane fees, coaching
  • Video, dryland sessions

NOT included in Camp cost:

  • Airfare
  • Travel meals
  • Extra curricular activities during Renaca recovery break
  • Race entry fees (if applicable)


Hintertux, Austria – Glacier Camp

Dates: Depart YVR Oct 15/Arrive MUC Oct 16 – Return MUC/YVR Oct 29

Eligible: FIS and U16. Strong/committed U14′s will be considered case by case. Guests of similar description are welcome to apply. Please send requests and questions to WMSC

Proposed Camp Outline:

  • Oct 17 – 21 TFS/GS/SL on Tuxertal Glacier
  • Oct 22 – Rest day
  • Oct 23 – 27 GS/SL training
  • Oct 28 – Travel to Solden for Mens WC GS race. After race continue on to Munich
  • Oct 29 – Fly home

Costs: Deposit due by Sept 9: $1000 (After Sept a $200 additional late fee will be due upon commitment). Second deposit due prior to travel (Oct 12): $1750. The balance of camp costs will be due upon completion and reconciling of campGuests will have 10% surcharge on camp cost.

Included in Camp Cost:

  • Ground Transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Lifts, lane fees, coaching
  • Video, dryland sessions
  • Entry to Solden WC race

NOT included in Camp Cost:

  • Airfare
  • Travel meals


Sun Peaks Camps – November 2018

Proposed Dates:

  • FIS – Nov 15 – 24
  • U16/U14 – Nov 17 – 24
  • U14/U12 (2nd years only) – Nov 22 – 25

Approximate costs – $200/day

Includes: Ground transportion, accommodations, meals, lifts, lane fees, coaching, video, dryland

U12′s should plan to travel and stay with parents/chaperones. A reduced rate omitting transportation, accommodations will be available. 

More info to be posted by late summer

Norquay SL camp

Dates: Nov 26 – Dec 2, 2018

Eligibile: FIS and U16

Camp Outline: SL focused camp

  • FIS – 4 days SL training, 2 days Racing
  • U16 – 4 days SL training, 1 day freeskiing Sunshine, 1 day attending Lake Louise WC speed event

More info and costs to be posted in the fall.