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Summer Strength and Conditioning Programs

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The WMSC training philosophy is centered around the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model used by Canadian Sport for Life, and adopted by Alpine Canada.

Through the LTAD model we identify an athletes’ stage of development and thus their developmental readiness where training is timed to achieve optimal adaptation with regard to motor skills, muscular and aerobic power.

A Learn to Train athlete will start with fundamental movements and skills introduced through games and sports. A Train to Train athlete progresses their training focus to stamina, strength, speed, skills and suppleness while addressing windows of optimal trainability as they develop.

Identifying and delivering appropriate training stimulus throughout the stages of development is key to every athletes’ maturation.

Each athlete has individual needs when it comes to their off-snow training program. WMSC provides a full-time strength and conditioning program which supports athletes who are juggling multiple commitments with school, work or other sports. It is essential to create a balanced training schedule that allows room for these other commitments without sacrificing the crucial preparation required for a successful competition season. On snow training is just a fraction of the equation when it comes to a successful and safe season. Proper training can prepare an athlete to withstand high volume training and racing puts them at a advantage before they set foot on snow

Winter fitness sessions are included in program fees and will be sequenced into training and competition schedule. It is important to note that May through November, the preparation phase, focuses on building and improving athletes’ fitness level. December through April, the competition phase, is about maintaining fitness and managing recovery while maximizing on-snow technical training and competition.


WMSC offers a full-time strength and conditioning program for its FIS athletes. It is highly encouraged for all athletes to participate in as many team sessions as their schedule will permit. The training schedule and carefully designed program is shared with all enrolled athletes to allow athletes to train independently when they are unable to make it to supervised team training sessions. This 6-month program is based out of Whistler starting in June 2017. This extensive program includes supervision, progression, testing, fitness camps and individualized programs. Athletes can expect up to 6 sessions per week with close communication with coaches regardless of their home base.

Cost: $750.00 all-inclusive or $20.00 drop-in per session June – November


Work and Train Program – FIS & U16 

For athletes who are working to contribute to their ski racing program. These athletes are offered the all-inclusive strength and conditioning program at a discounted rate. The conditions of this program are the athlete must provide proof of employment, attend a minimum of 2 supervised sessions per week unless other-wise prearranged with a coach, organize a functional work/training schedule with a coach.

Cost: $300.00 June – November


The U16 strength and conditioning program parallels that of the FIS program but has been adapted to meet the needs appropriate to the stage of development of U16 athletes. Athletes will receive a training schedule, guided sessions, testing, and a progressive program. The program will be based out of Whistler, beginning June 2017, and will run through until the return to snow in November.

Cost: $750.00 all-inclusive or $20.00 drop-in per session June – November



U14 fitness is included with participation in on snow camps until mid-July. Once on snow camps have concluded we will offer a variety of weekly sessions for U14 athletes. We also encourage participation in a variety of sports to help develop athletic abilities.

Cost: $20.00 per session



U12 athletes are encouraged to participate in multi-sport training to develop a wide variety of athletic skills. WMSC recommends that U12 athletes enroll in a minimum of 2 sports outside of skiing to develop a well-rounded skill set.

Contact shannon@wmsc.info with any questions regarding the WMSC fitness programs.