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Sun Peaks Nov 21-22, 2017

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Sun Peaks Nov 21-22, 2017

So the season begins!

After a Summer and Fall full of on and off hill training, the FIS racers of the WMSC got their skis sliding in the first races of the season.

“The races went well I thought,“ reported FIS coach Conrad Pridy. “It was inspiring (and a relief!) to see the kids race so well and, in a lot of cases, ski better and faster than in training. It was definitely a positive start to the season, despite the results not quite being there yet for everyone.”

The general feeling was that while it was very early in the season, the event was in a good location with a low stress environment and provided a fair chance for the racers to score some decent results. The snow was reportedly a bit soft, but racers soon got down to a good surface underneath and, despite a bit of rain on Wednesday morning, the courses held up pretty well.

As in any race, there were surprises, good and bad, but overall a good start to the winter schedule with plenty to look forward to, and learning opportunities for every racer.

WMSC’s Ella Renzoni, named to the BC Ski Team this season, turned in a 5th place in the GS (2nd fastest after 1st run!) behind Yasmin Cooper in 4th, a British athlete training with WMSC. Another Whistler alum, Arabella Ng, now training in Vermont (GMVS), finished 13th, and WMSC’s Gigi Kranjc scored 15th place.

On day 2 for the ladies in the Slalom, Renzoni took the bronze ahead of Yasmin in 7th, and Gig again made top 15 with a 15th place finish. A shout out to Arabella for an amazing recovery, as reported by Gemma Bexton, who turned in her first 2 FIS results this week as well:  Arabella “face planted out of the start gate, asked Conrad if she could keep going, then proceeded to ski the course with one pole flailing out behind her until she managed to sort of grab it later on. Although she was 20 seconds out after run 1, she turned it around and managed a decent second run.” (13th, in fact.)

On the men’s side, BC Team athletes from the WMSC  took the podium with less than 4-tenths combined time between them, led by Max Kirshenblatt, Asher Jordan in 2nd and Myles Kowalczyk in third. Jack Forsyth narrowly missed top 10, finishing up 11th.

On day 2 in the men’s slalom, Jack Forsyth reported that teammate Dawson Yates “missed the podium by only 5/100ths of a second after 2 runs… he could have made it with an arm punch through the finish line!” Forsyth had, himself, been in the 4th place position after 1st run, but DNF’d on the second. Kosta Petkovic scored a 9th place finish after 2 runs.

Thanks for the feedback, crew, keep up the good spirits and good luck in the next FIS races at Norquay!!

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