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WMSC win at Westerns

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This weekend was great for the WMSC at the Westerns.  The weather was less than optimal with wet, cold miserably blizzard weather on Day 1. Day 2 brought some more heavy snow in the morning and Day 3 started snowy again but tapered off in the afternoon.

Our team really was a force to be reckoned with this weekend.  Our U14 girls were the only group without a strong presence but Amanda Miller did really well all on her own.  The U14 Boys were on average 40% of the top 10 with a couple of the younger athletes showing some real determination and getting most improved awards.

Kieran and Maja really stepped up for the U16 crew with strong finishes in all events. Kieran managed to lay down the fastest run in the second race of the day bringing him a podium finish in 3rd place from 6th after the morning run. The kids are picking up momentum coming into Whistler Cup and I can’t wait to see how our WMSC athletes stack up against the rest of the world!

Day 1

U14 Ladies GS

Amanda Miller 21st

U14 Men’s GS –  U14 GS Men's Day 1

Hayden Harley – 1st 

Adam Usher – 8th

Matthias Shorter – 10th

Sam Fuller – 15th

David Wood – 24th

Ben Neeves – 30th

Nick Katrusiak – 32nd

U16 Ladies SL

Caitlin Wallin 36th

U16 Men SL

Kieran Harley – 5th

Zach Ross – 24th

Day 2

U14 Ladies SL

Amanda Miller 22nd

U14 Men’s SL - U14 Men's SL Day 2

Adam Usher – 3rd

Matthias Shorter – 6th

Graham Seltzer – 7th (Most Improved – Started in 46th)

David Wood – 10th

Nick Katrusiak – 29th

Sam Fuller – 24th

U16 Ladies GS

Maja Wooley – 5th

Alexandra Chartrand – 12th

Ginny Nichols – 26th

Caitlin Wallin – 43rd

Katie Doiron – 63nd

U16 Men GS U16 Men's GS Day 2

Kieran Harley – 3rd

Zachariah (Zach) Ross – 28th

Evan Allman – 38th

Alexander Katrusiak – 45th

Brendan Moss – 65th

Curtis Jepsen – 72nd

Day 3

U14 Ladies SL

Amanda Miller 35th

U14 Men’s SL

Matthias Shorter – 6thU14 Men's SL Day 3

Adam Usher – 7th

David Wood – 8th

Hayden Harley – 9th

Sam Fuller – 17th (Most Improved – Started in 58th)

Ben Neeves – 28th

U16 Ladies GS

Maja Wooley – 5th

Caitlin Wallin – 35th

Katie Doiron – 37th

U16 Men GS

Kieran Harley – 1stU16 Men's GS Day3

Lukas Forssander – 27th

Zach Ross – 28th

Evan Allman – 31st

Alexander Katrusiak – 46th

Brendan Moss – 51th